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Getting To Know Your Rifle Scope

Many people choose to make use of a rifle scope in order to help them use their rifle. In order to really get the best of the rifle scopes, you have to figure out the right one to get and to do that doesn’t just mean you have to read rifle scope reviews but it also means that you have to really know the anatomy of the rifle scope. This would enable you to understand the scope better and then make your choice a little bit easier. Here are a few parts of the rifle scope that you should really understand.

  • Ocular Lens – This is the lens that you will find in the eyepiece. It can be adjusted by turning the eyepiece until such time that the crosshairs are already very clear to you. You can do this the easy way by using a plain white background when adjusting it.
  • Objective Lens – This lens can be found closet to the target and this is the lens where light passes through into your scope. It comes in various diameters and the bigger the diameter is, the more ambient light would be able to pass through. With bigger lenses, you may also be able to use it until late in the day because of the amount of light that can pass through it. Bigger ones would be your best bet if you are using the rifle in situations wherein there is low lighting.
  • Zoom Ring – As the name implies, it is the ring you use to change the magnification of your scope. Most scopes enable you to change the magnification from a higher power to a lower power or vice versa. There are some that can reach up to 4x power, which means they can zoom in the target 4 times closer than what the naked eye sees. Seldom are scopes that are fixed or ones that you can’t adjust. The magnification capacity of your scope will depend on how far you need to see.
  • Turrets – These are the knobs that are meant to be used as adjustments for elevation and the wind. It helps you make your shots more accurate by adjusting external factors such as the wind and elevation.
  • Reticles – These are what you see as the aiming points when you look through the scope. Different scopes have different reticles but the most common you’ll find would be duplex crosshairs.

Aside from the parts, there are also a few rifle scopes that differ from the others because they have added features such as a parallax adjustment and an illumination. The parallax adjustment will help you to focus more by making what you see through the scope in line with your eye. Illuminated riflescopes on the other hand are those that feature a light source through the power of a battery to help you see the reticle more clearly. When the reticle is clearly seen and stands out even under low light, you would be better at focusing on your target.