stamp-issue Glassomizers And Clearomizers

Glassomizers And Clearomizers

With the availability of larger power supplies for electronic cigarettes, smokers began to notice that the cartomizers are just not enough for them. It doesn’t give enough throat hit, flavor, heat and amount of vapor than other cigarette like devices could. When newer and more powerful power supplies are built, more power hungry devices that can meet the demand of the user are also built. These devices are what you call the clearomizers.

Clearomizers or Glassomizers are highly preferred by users because they can clearly see how much juice is left in the tank. In this way, they can easily know if they need to refill their tanks and won’t be surprised that the vapor stops just because there is no more juice available. There are many kinds of tanks available and among the best ones are the Nautilus tanks selection.

These newer parts have the same function as the previous cartomizers but they are also different from them. Their difference lies in the amount of liquid that can be placed in them. As compared to the cartomizers, the clearomizers have a much larger capacity when it comes to the volume of liquid e-juice that it can store. The clearomizers have a rounded tip or end that is where you can find the coil or coils as well as the wick. You can replace the coil when it is already unusable by simply removing it and installing the new one. The only set back here is that you only have to use tips that have a rubber drip tip. This is because other types such as the metal tips and plastic tips can cause cracks in the clearomizer and you certainly don’t want that.

Types of Clearomizers

There are two types of clearomizers. The first one is the bottom coil clearomizers and the other one is the top coil clearomizers. The difference between the two is the location of the coils and how it is integrated into the tank system. The top coils clearomizer’s coils are found on the top and its wick hangs from above until it reaches the e-juice. The e-juice moves upward into the coils where it can be heated up and changed into vapor. On the other hand bottom coil clearomizers have the coils on the base and the wick is much shorter here because the e-juice travels downwards.

Clearomizers are favored by many people because of the heated vapor that they get from it. They also like the strong throat hit that it provides. One problem that can be observed is the presence of leaks but wthey are uncommon.

If you are fond of different flavors, it would be better for you to change the head when you change flavors too. This is to prevent contamination and so that you get to taste the real flavor of the e-juice. The previous flavor could interfere with the new one so better change heads. This is especially true for clearomizers that have the coils on top. The longer wicks get soaked with more of the previous e-juice and the more likely you are to taste different flavors.