stamp-issue Groomesmen gifts

Groomsmen Gifts

Groomsmen gifts are the name that has been given for a range of gifts that were especially designed as gifts for a best man. These gifts are available to be seen and ordered online by going to the official website for the company Bullets2Bandages who designed, made and sell these gift items.

The company was founded in 2010 by two ex-naval officers that served dealing with explosive ordinance and they designed their gifts using used military ammunition. By 2011 they has started selling their uniquely designed gifts that included bottle openers made from spent 50mm cartridges and sets of 4 – .50 caliber coasters, each item of which was personalized by an engraving of the buyer’s choice. The colours of these items were originally silver, black or OD Green but due to requests from ladies, they later started to make them in pink as well, for those ladies that found these gifts equally appealing. Still later, due to requests from club and bar owners, they expanded their inventory to include items that could be used in bars and clubs and among those items are beer trays, pint glasses, beer pump handles and of course larger sets of coasters. These bar supplies could also be engrave, perhaps with the name of the establishment they were being used in.

These gifts are of course unique and cannot be found in shops, especially due to the personalized engraving and so when you are looking for a gift to give to a man, this website is perhaps the first place you should look, especially if the gift is for a man. The range of gifts are called groomsmen gifts because they were originally designed as gifts for a best man at a wedding but of course they are equally appealing and appropriate as gifts for men on any occasion, perhaps as gift to a father on Father’s Day when the personalization will make the gifts even more memorable and special.

As ex-servicemen themselves, the founders decided that they would try and help other ex-servicemen and so decided to donate a percentage of the company’s profits to different, relevant veteran’s organizations and charities which means that when you buy one of these gifts, you are not just buying a gift for one person, you are also helping others at the same time and showing your respect for veterans and their service to the country. It is perhaps therefore, the bars and clubs which have high numbers of ex-servicemen as their clients that requested the company make items useable in their bars.

With the easy availability of these gifts, it has made the choice of choosing appropriate gifts for men easier as prior to the company’s conception, finding a gift for a man, especially if they were not a family member, was a time consuming and frustrating time. These gifts are ideal as they are not only unique but they are also very practical and can be in almost continuous use and each time they are used, they could become a talking piece among those present.