The Benefits of a Counter Depth Refrigerator

Although the type of refrigerator has very little to do with efficiency, the benefits of a counter depth refrigerator is that they more easily and conveniently fit among kitchen cabinets without looking out of place or obtrusive. The reason for this is, as their name perhaps suggests, they are all between 24 and 26 inches in depth which is the same depth as most kitchen cabinets. Of course, the doors and handles of the refrigerator may protrude a little but not usually to any great extent and so the refrigerator still looks as if was specially designed to fit where it has been placed.

Apart from its convenience in looking good in any kitchen, a counter depth refrigerator can also have other benefits depending on its actual style. There are five main styles for refrigerators regardless of whether they are counter depth or not and these five styles are:

Top Freezer – Although these types of refrigerator are perhaps the most common, perhaps making them also the cheapest, as they have the freezer section on the top, with its own door and the refrigerator section below, once again with its own door, difficulty can sometimes be experienced bending down to use the lower section of the refrigerator compartment.

Bottom Freezer – With these types of the refrigerator the freezer with its door are located below the refrigerator compartment and its door. Although less common, these types of refrigerator do allow for the compressors to be more cost effective and handy snacks can be easily accessed at the top of the refrigerator compartment.

French Door – this is a style of the refrigerator which is starting to become as popular as any other. This style has dual refrigerator compartments with twin doors, plus a freezer compartment either at the top or at the bottom with its own door making three doors in all. As one half only needs to be accessed at any one time, the second compartment will not gain heat and so these styles of the refrigerator have the potential to be more energy efficient.

Side by Side – this style has two compartments side by side, each with their own doors. One compartment is a refrigerator and the second in the freezer. This style can allow easy access to items both in the freezer and in the refrigerator.

Single Door – This style has just one door for both the freezer section and the refrigerator section. The disadvantages of this style are obvious as the freezer is opened if only the refrigerator is used and vice versa. However, as this style is often smaller than the others, it is often the refrigerator of choice for those people living in small apartments.

Best counter depth refrigerator 2018 will therefore largely be one of personal choice as the different styles available may suit some more than others. This must be taken into consideration when looking at online reviews as their situation and preferences may vary greatly from yours and so reviewing the different brand names may be their best feature.